Considered a micro-neighborhood yet hugely (pun?) popular with anybody looking for a slight escape of the city life, Yorkville, located within the iconic Upper East Side, boasts a casual vibe that attracts any traveler.

Considered a micro-neighborhood yet hugely (pun?) popular with anybody looking for a slight escape of the city life, Yorkville, located within the iconic Upper East Side, boasts a casual vibe that attracts any traveler.
Bordered from north to south with East 96th Street to East 79th Street and east to west with the East River and Third Avenue, Yorkville encompasses some of the best parks (other than the obvious Central Park) and local shops found in all of Manhattan.


Transportation has received a huge upgrade (from virtually nothing) with the opening of the 2nd avenue station. The (Q) train has saved all your prayers, providing easy access to and from Yorkville. However, other than the (Q) train, the closest alternative is the dreaded (not so much) (6) train, which will take you next to Yorkville, but will require a little walk.
For transportation that will require the use of wheels, the (M79, M86, & M96) bus lines will be able to provide horizontal transportation throughout the neighborhood. For vertical travel, the (M15 & M31) bus lines will take you up and down and all around.


Characterized as a very tight knit community, Yorkville’s residents are all familiar with each other. If a student has a small scuffle with another student, then the parents will most likely have to shop at a completely different grocery store (hoping that wasn’t too corny). When the residents are not switching grocery stores, you’ll find people relaxing within the John Jay Playground, which has been rumored to surpass Central Park in several ways. Offering scenic views, pools, basketball courts, and handball courts, anybody and everybody will enjoy their time here. When Central Park becomes to mainstream for some people, Yorkville provides a great escape to enjoy even more greenery and some beautiful riverside views.

Restaurant & Bars

While small in stature, Yorkville still serves up some delicious grub. One of the favorites is Heidi’s House By The Side Of the Road. Trust me, it’s amazing. Come for the atmosphere, but stay for the food. Our insider tells us the Gnocchi is the perfect combination pillow-like pasta and tasty sauce (this may just be a nightly special so cross your fingers). For Thai food, Up Thai will transport you to Thailand without actually buying a ticket. Feed the endless pit you call a stomach with their iconic Green Curry. It will dazzle, it will amaze, that’s what’s Up….Thai (pun?).
For those looking to increase their alcohol tolerance level, Yorkville has a reputation to lack in this department, but there are a few hidden gems that will entice the alcoholic tongue. The Penrose is meant for those who want a quality meal, as well as a quality drink. With a wide selection of beers, come thirsty. Bondurants is another fantastic bar that will also provide some great food options. Enjoy bourbon with some Avocado Toast (why? why not!).


Yorkville is affordable compared to other Manhattan neighborhoods. But recent trends have predicted this will most likely change. With the opening of the Second Avenue station, the market in this area will surge. Currently the median sale price is $895,000 and the median rent is $2,650, which, again, is predicted to change. To provide a comparison, Manhattan’s median sales price is $1,240,000 while the median rent is $4,250.

Final Verdict

With the additional touch of convenience from the building of the new subway station, Yorkville will spike its demand. With demand increasing, many will realize the brilliance that is this micro-neighborhood. Come to Yorkville because of the new subway station but stay forever for the tight knit community that rivals anything that Upper East Side can offer.

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